The Platform Piping Design Foundation aims to promote the area of expertise PIPING DESIGN in the broadest sense of the word.
The Foundation Platform Piping Design supervises the quality of the Piping courses:

Piping Design 1

In this course the basic principles of “ piping Design” are explained. Piping Design is a profession with a broad background. It covers the world of Oil and Gas plants, but also food, shipbuilding and waste industries are included.
In this first Piping Design course the way of operating of engineering companies is explained and project phases will de described. There will be a focus on the basis equipment used in the oil and gas plants and the way these equipment needs to be connected by pipelines in a proper and safe way. Other subjects in this course are the components to be used in piping systems and their material requirements.
Together with theory, practical instructions will be given how to prepare basic piping design, A design task is part of the concluding test at the end of the course.

Piping Design 2

In this second Piping Design course it is expected that candidates have finished the first course and are working for some years within Piping Design. This course will explain the more difficult equipment and their design requirements. Also pipestress analysis will be part of the course as well as plot plan development.